All shows in our venue have been cancelled until further notice.
For one night only, we present the show WILT & shine via live-stream on May 29th.
For inquiries, please contact us via email.

Finally back in the rehearsal room

Meet the Cast

Most of the artists did not know each other before joining this project. But therein lies the beauty of circus: people tend to get close quickly in every sense and you have no choice but to trust one another. Circus is risk. One moment you're warming up in the rehearsal space, the next you're already throwing each other through the air, climbing on each others shoulders, spotting your colleagues to make sure nobody gets hurt.
But of course in this particular case, everything started a little differently. This time, the collaboration began online with Zoom meetings, the artists scattered around the world at home alone. Anna and Saleh in Berlin, Sini and Onni in Finland, Alyssa in Canada, Simon James in Belgium and Antek in Paris. Noone knew if they were able to train together in one room in the near future. But then, fortunately, the situation improved a little. Travel restrictions were lifted and safety measures in Finland allowed for the artists to work together in the rehearsal room for a few weeks. It was the first time in months that everyone was able to train properly in a group. An exhausting and intense experience as always, but also connected with a lot of joy and positive energy. A good start.

No guarantee of completeness.