Unser Spielbetrieb im Theater ist bis auf Weiteres eingestellt.
Am 29.05.21 bieten wir einmalig das Stück WILT and shine im Live-Stream an.
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"I know this isn't about me"

About circus & love

„New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings"

The relationship between duo partners is certainly a very special one. Training, travel, performances ... every success, every applause is shared, but also those moments of frustration, the feeling of not getting any further, which inevitably belong to the everyday life of an artist.
As a duo you are only as good as your partner. You act as a unit, you have to be able to rely on each other completely. The cooperation is fragile. Not only your own physical and mental well-being, but also that of the other influence the joint work, as does your personal relationship with one another.
What does it mean for a duo when you are a couple not only professionally but also privately? And how do you deal with a private break-up in this case?
Together with the director Dominik Junker, Anna and Saleh have artistically processed the story of the end of their love affair and of the (new) beginning as a stage couple in a very personal video project.

Dominik Junker

Redoute Bonn

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