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Big ideas, tiny parts: Pavla Kamanová builds herself a mini CHAMÄLEON

Everything is cute when it's tiny


Isn't it beautiful? These are pictures of our theater hall in miniature format, namely as a detailed, hand-made working model, built by set designer Pavla Kamanová. Especially at the beginning of a creation process, so many ideas and concepts are still floating vaguely through the room that it is usually most helpful for everyone involved to start with some cold hard facts. In this case - with the room! Our historic Art Nouveau ball room has somewhat of a reputation in the circus world for confronting a creative team with one or two technical challenges. But what is more, according to Maksim, the theme of illusion and the magic of the theater will play an important role in the show... We will definitely keep our eyes wide open.
Photos: Jouni Ihalainen

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