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Strings and trap doors: An Interview with Maksim Komaro

Meet the Crew

Maksim Komaro is one of the driving forces of circus arts in Finland. Over the course of his career, he has worked on numerous circus projects as an artist, director, or trainer all around the world. Maksim is one of the founding members and artistic directors of multiple award-winning Circo Aereothe first contemporary circus company in Finland and one of the most influential to this day. Currently, Circo Aereo is based in both Finland and France, but most of the year they spend their time touring exciting theatres and festivals around the world (unless a global pandemic throws a wrench into such plans...sigh).
Circus fans from Berlin might remember Maksim as one of the researchers of "Die Originale", the interdisciplinary research programme hosted by the Berliner Festspiele in 2018. Or from the very first edition of the Berlin Circus Festival in 2015, where he presented Slapstick Sonata, a fusion of acrobatics, Mozart sonatas and silent film slapstick he directed in collaboration with Cirk La Putyka from Prague - a company that CHAMÄLEON fans surely know very well.
Maksim is someone we have known and admired for a long time, but even though we met frequently in this small circus world, so far, he has only experienced a CHAMÄLEON evening from the audience perspective. A state of affairs we're all very keen to change, which is why all of us are really excited to work on this project together.

Keine Gewähr auf Vollständigkeit.