Unser Spielbetrieb im Theater ist bis auf Weiteres eingestellt.
Am 29.05.21 bieten wir einmalig das Stück WILT and shine im Live-Stream an.
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Welcome to our Studio

Creating something new in strange times


Welcome to our new blog! Or as Anke Politz puts it so beautifully in the interview: to our virtual window. A lot has changed in our theater in the last few months, but the process of creating a show remains the same. We draw up concepts, try out ideas, ask questions, look for solutions. Sooner or later some things are discarded completely because a new path suddenly opens up, an even more exciting idea comes up. And so we slowly feel our way towards a show together - until suddenly the curtain opens for the first performance on stage.


All of these are explorations that generally happen behind the scenes. Usually, we prefer to wait until a show has taken on a clear form and we can better communicate to our guests what to expect when they visit. The previous ups and downs in the creation process are essential, but the uncertainty around it makes it difficult to capture the process for others and present it in a way that is understandable and interesting.


However ... lately the subject of uncertainty has become much more familiar to us than we'd like. We cannot say when we will be able to reopen our house, when the next performance will take place. But what we can do is keep working and remember that not only the show itself and its performance has value, but so does the path towards making them. A path that we will continue to tread with as much curiosity and love of adventure as ever - and we will do our best to let you be a part of it.


Title image: Jouni Ihalainen

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